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DOT Hazardous Materials
Instructor Training Class!

Get the Tools You Need to Become a
HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Trainer for Your Organization!

Did you know that you are required to train your HAZMAT employees every three years in accordance with 49 CFR regulations? If you've ever conducted HAZMAT training before, you know how challenging and expensive this can be!

Well, we can help!

The sustainable Workplace Alliance was awarded a grant designed to help employees become DOT HAZMAT trainers so they can train their employees, coworkers and colleagues back to work.

These full-day classes begin in September 2014 and end in May 2015.

Not only will you get technical guidance to help you understand the DOT HAZMAT regulations, you'll also receive tools that will immediately make your job easier. Each attendee will receive a CD full of materials including a computer-based training tool that you can use to test and validate your employees HAZMAT knowledge!

However you must attend the class to receive the training materials and tools!

Attend this FREE training class and learn:

  • How to understand the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR)

  • Proper marking and labeling steps

  • When and how to properly placard a vehicle

  • How to properly package hazardous materials

  • Emergency communication, safety and security requirements

  • We even demonstrate proven methods to teach your "adult learners" (not always easy!)

  • Much, much more!

You Should Attend This Training Class if:

  • You are responsible for shipping/receiving Hazardous Materials for your organization

  • You complete paperwork related to shipping of Hazardous Materials

  • You operate any vehicle or equipment used to transport hazardous materials

  • You are involved in emergency response related to hazardous materials

  • You load, unload, move, handle, or works around hazardous materials (e.g., warehouses or loading docks)

  • You respond to damaged containers, spills, or leaks and reports incidents

All who attend this FREE training class will receive a CD-ROM filled with tools that you can immediately use to train your HAZMAT employees including:

  • Sixty page workbook for use at the class

  • PowerPoint presentation's covering:

    • Understand the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR),

    • Marking and Labeling,

    • Vehicle Placarding,

    • Packaging Requirements,

    • Emergency Communication and Safety/Security.

  • 6 training handouts designed to supplement employee training

  • 6 employee training quizzes and answer sheets to validate employee's knowledge

  • Dozens of links to additional training materials you can use immediately

  • A computer-based testing "game" that validates your hazmat employees knowledge

Meet the Trainers

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How can all this be free? What's the catch?

The Sustainable Workplace Alliance was awarded a Federal Grant to develop and deliver Hazardous Materials Instructor Training. These grant funds pay for your attendance but space is VERY LIMITED. So you must reserve your space now. Once the class receives 30 registrations; no further reservations can be taken!

Ready To Reserve Your Spot?