You’re Invited
to a FREE two-day
DOT Hazardous Materials
Instructor Training Class!


Get the Tools You Need to Become a
HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Trainer for Your Organization!

Did you know that you are required to train your HAZMAT employees every three years in accordance with 49 CFR regulations? If you’ve ever conducted HAZMAT training before, you know how challenging and expensive this can be!

Well, we can help!

The sustainable Workplace Alliance was awarded a grant designed to help employees become DOT HAZMAT trainers so they can train their employees, coworkers and colleagues back to work.

These full-day classes begin in September 2014 and end in May 2015.

Not only will you get technical guidance to help you understand the DOT HAZMAT regulations, you’ll also receive tools that will immediately make your job easier. Each attendee will receive a CD full of materials including a computer-based training tool that you can use to test and validate your employees HAZMAT knowledge!

However you must attend the class to receive the
training materials and tools!

Attend this FREE training class and learn:

  • How to understand the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR)

  • Proper marking and labeling steps

  • When and how to properly placard a vehicle

  • How to properly package hazardous materials

  • Emergency communication, safety and security requirements

  • We even demonstrate proven methods to teach your "adult learners" (not always easy!)

  • Much, much more…

You Should Attend This Training Class if:

  • You are responsible for shipping/receiving Hazardous Materials for your organization

  • You complete paperwork related to shipping of Hazardous Materials

  • You operate any vehicle or equipment used to transport hazardous materials

  • You are involved in emergency response related to hazardous materials

  • You load, unload, move, handle, or works around hazardous materials (e.g., warehouses or loading docks)

  • You respond to damaged containers, spills, or leaks and reports incidents

All who attend this FREE training class will receive a CD-ROM filled with tools that you can immediately use to train your HAZMAT employees including:

  • Sixty page workbook for use at the class

  • PowerPoint presentation’s covering:

    • Understand the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR),

    • Marking and Labeling,

    • Vehicle Placarding,

    • Packaging Requirements,

    • Emergency Communication and Safety/Security.

  • 6 training handouts designed to supplement employee training

  • 6 employee training quizzes and answer sheets to validate employee’s knowledge

  • Dozens of links to additional training materials you can use immediately

  • A computer-based testing "game" that validates your hazmat employees knowledge

Meet the Trainers

(click to review the trainers bios)

How can all this be free? What’s the catch?

The Sustainable Workplace Alliance was awarded a Federal Grant to develop and deliver Hazardous Materials Instructor Training. These grant funds pay for your attendance but space is VERY LIMITED. So you must reserve your space now. Once the class receives 30 registrations; no further reservations can be taken!

Ready To Reserve Your Spot?

118 Responses to FREE HAZMAT Training


    Manila, Philippines based IATA Accrediated Training Center (ATC) DG Instructor and interested to attend FREE training class

    • admin says:

      Greetings Marlon – We’d love to have you join us for the training! We’ll be posting our 2014 classes on the website soon so be looking for updates!

      • Jim says:


        Is the 2014 training calendar available?

        JL Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Materials Consulting
        Amsterdam, NY

        • admin says:

          Hello Jim and thank you for your interest on the HMIT classes. We will be announcing the classes in just a few weeks, I’ll make sure to send you a message!

  2. Mari Quiroz says:

    will you be having the Hazardous Material course this year?

    • admin says:

      Hello Mari – thank you for your interest in upcoming classes. our 2014 should be coming out shortly with classes starting late summer. I will post that announcement here, so please check back!

  3. Kenneth Jana says:

    I am interested in learning more about HAZMAT training. Having worked as a Dangerous Goods Instructor for an ATC, I believe there is much for me to learn from this training. I look forward to attending this training.

    • admin says:

      Hello Kenneth – We’ll be announcing dates within the next two weeks. I’ll be happy to send you a reply when we are setup and ready to take reservations. Thanks again and we’ll be in touch soon!

    • admin says:

      Hello Kenneth – We should have dates and cities determined in the next few weeks. I’ll be happy to reply when those dates are set. Be in touch soon and thanks for your interest!

  4. Michael Cuttle says:

    Looking for one in new England

    • admin says:

      Hello Michael –
      We conducted 27 classes in the eastern US (including the New England area) last year and this year we’re concentrating on the west coast. If you can travel, please join us. Also, we’re conducting a five-day class in Newark. Thats probably the closest we have. Hope this helps and stay safe!

  5. Fortunato Siniquinha says:

    IM in mozambique, i would like to join.

    • admin says:

      Hello Fortunato – can you travel to the United States? Thats the only place that we’re providing the training. Would be great to have you in class.

  6. Randy Robles says:

    Do you know when you will have a 2 day training course in the New York area?

    • admin says:

      Hello Randy – we are concentrating on the west coast this year so nothing in New York. We do have a five-day class in Newark. Very comprehensive and its free as well. Hope that helps!

  7. Rushikesh says:

    I am interested in learning more about HAZMAT training. i am Working in INDIA at Gujarat State – Rajkot Municipal Corporation, I believe there is much for me to learn from this training. I look forward to attending this training.

  8. Mansour Bayat says:

    I am Fiata dangerous goods trainer. Need to be familiar with your style. Thanks.

  9. Sergei Pacht says:

    Trying to register for SF class in March, click GO nothing happens. ?

    • admin says:

      Hello Sergei – can you email me at with your contact information and I’ll be happy to get you registered.\
      One question: What browser are you using (e.g. Chrome, FireFox, Explorer)?
      Thank you!

  10. Rachel says:

    Are you only doing two five day classes this year?

    • admin says:

      Hello Rachel – Yes only Newark and Miami will feature the five-day classes. All other cities will be the two-day train-the-trainer class.
      Thanks and hope to see you in class!

  11. Joseph McNiff says:

    Wish that you had a class in Massachusetts this year

    • admin says:

      Hello Joseph – we did Mass. last year and this year are working the west coast. We’ll keep you informed of our schedule next year though. . .

  12. Daniel T Forehand says:

    Can I register out safety officer?

  13. Peter Robert Gassama says:

    I am a driver for the United States Peace Corps in the Gambia, where are often transporting fuel (Gas oil, and Patrol) round the city to supply staff residences, office and other regional offices of some more than 300 km or 200 miles away from the depot. Among us non had ever attended such training including the embassy’s fleet. I already got the invitation already. Will i have enough tools that can help change the situation here in the Gambia

    • admin says:

      Hello Peter – that is not a question I can answer without knowing about your situation. What I can tell you is that this class will help you be a better dangerous goods trainer, the rest is up to you and your staff. Hope that helps!

  14. Cliff Waller says:

    Do you foresee holding classes in Oklahoma? Specifically the Oklahoma city area>

    • admin says:

      Hello Cliff – we don’t have anything in OK city area but (we did the Oklahoma last year) but we are in 26 cities.
      The closest we’ll be to OK are a few cities in Texas, so if you can travel, please join us at one of the upcoming classes!
      Hope that helps and hope to see you in class!

  15. Cliff Waller says:

    Will there be any classes held in Oklahoma?

    • admin says:

      Not in Oklahoma this year (we did classes in OK last year). But join us in Texas if you cln!

  16. Peter Robert Gassama says:

    Thanks so much for that response. Can i change from the former location to a location of five days training? Can i have the details of the location so i can start working on it asap? ( Newark and Florida)

  17. NATHAN KAPULE says:

    I received a call from Erica inviting me to a Hazardous Materials Transportation Training to be held in Hawaii during the month of September 2014. I am interested and would like to sign up. My contact phone number is 808-543-9398, Cellular 808-590-4297
    Thank you,
    Nathan Kapule
    PO Box 3288 Pier 40
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96801-3288

  18. David Ferretti says:

    I would love to attend. There is nothing more important than proper training.

    • admin says:

      hello David – We would love to have you attend. be sure to register as classes are filling quickly!

  19. Kenny Groder says:

    Is this going tobe offered in maine? IFf so when.

    • admin says:

      Hello Kenny – we don’t have anything scheduled for Maine this year (we did the northeast last year) but we are in 26 cities.
      The closest we’ll be to Maine is Newark, so if you can travel, please join us at one of the upcoming classes!

  20. Michael Ongay says:

    Like to attend in Miami Two day ….

    • admin says:

      Hello Michael – we’d love to have you join us in Miami! Just go through the registration process by clicking this link:
      Towards the bottom you’ll see a drop-down box with all of the classes.

      Thanks Michael for your interest and see you in Miami!

  21. edward says:

    any plans for a new mexico site

    • admin says:

      Hello Edward, no plans for a New Mexico location this year but maybe in 2015? We’ll keep you posted!

  22. sadiq folarin says:

    How d I get to the training cos am in nigeria

    • admin says:

      Hello Sadiq – anybody can attend but you’ll need to make your way to the US for the classes.

  23. Neal C. Martinez says:

    do you have training sessions here in the Philippines?

    • admin says:

      For all those asking about non- United States training locations (e.g. Philippines, SA, Qatar) we would love to bring this class abroad however the grant funding only permits us to conduct these classes within the United States. We don’t have an online version of this class due to the high interactivity of the class. If we can find a way to bring these outside the US, we will, but nothing planned as of yet!

  24. Juan Gutierrez says:

    I would love to attend this training, thank you very much for putting it on.

  25. John Orthlieb says:

    Will there be Training in Canadian Cities

    • admin says:

      Jello John – no classes in Canada as the grant only permits us to teach in the US; however we have some classes close to the border (depending on where you are at), including Pembia, Seattle. Tacoma Washington or Newark, NJ.

      Please visit
      for the full list of cities and dates.

  26. mark winsborrow says:

    Please send me more information.

  27. Cornelius Edwards says:

    Thank you for the invite.

    • admin says:

      Connelius – Its our pleasure and we hope you can make the class. One warning, about five of the classes have filled to capacity and many others are filling quickly so if you haven’t registered yet, please do so soon!

      Here’s the link to get registered:

  28. Carel Thomas says:

    I am interested in continuous training in lab safety and hazmat training to assist my customers.

    • admin says:

      Hello Carel – Great we hope to see you in class. be sure to get registered as classes are filling up quickly!

  29. Barbara says:

    Most of your training is focus on the coasts. What about the middle of the country such as KY??

    • admin says:

      Hello Barbara –
      Most of these are coastal although last year we did classes in Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Indy etc.
      Next year we plan to add a few no-coastal cities including Denver, Salt Lake, Cincinnati and I’ll be happy to email you our 2015 as soon as its available. Thanks Barbara and we’ll be in touch.

  30. Joyce Fulfird says:

    Interested in the Atlanta class if any vacancies are available. .Thanks!

    • admin says:

      hello Joyce – Atlanta is filled to capacity but if you register you’ll be placed on a waitlist. We pull from the waitlist if we have any cancellations.


    i will be pleased to signup for the classes in November in New Orleans – please confirm the dates and location so i can make hotel reservations – perhaps if you decide to do a class in the Houston Texas area we could make arrangements for you to use or training facility in Houston – we can comfortable accommodate up to 25 students

    best regards
    Larry Snellings
    Houston Texas

  32. Neil R. Temple says:

    I am very interested in attending the Jan 2015 class in Washington DC

    • admin says:

      Hello Neil – Washington DC is filled to capacity, but please register anyway and you’ll be put on a waitlist. Once on the waitlist, we’ll call you if anyone cancels. Plus you’ll be on our mailing list for future classes!

  33. Cynthia Price says:

    I was put on the waitlist for the Atlanta class. I see that there will be a class in Cincinnati.
    When will I know if I can attend the Atlanta class and when will you know the schedule of the Cincinnati class?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Cynthia – there is not a class scheduled for Cincinnati this year. We are looking at scheduling a class there in 2015 and I’ll be happy to keep you informed. Just a heads up, we may be conducting a second class in Atlanta for those on the waitlist! We’ll be in touch!

  34. Arthur Scherer says:

    Are there any classes in the Tallahassee, Fl area.

  35. Jessica says:

    Good morning, I am interested in this is in learning everything I can in the hazardous Material industry. I live in Georgia and would like to know the nearest location and date. Thank You.

    • admin says:

      Hello Jessica –
      We have a class in Atlanta, Jacksonville and Miami that would be relatively close. The Atlanta class may be booked to capacity though and the Florida classes are near capacity, so if you’re interested, register now at:

      Even if the class is full, be sure to get on the waitlist in case a spot opens up due to cancellation.

      Thanks for your interest Jessica!

  36. Gwen Marshall says:

    This should be a great training

  37. Hal Grant says:

    I notice you have two day and five day Hazmat instructor courses available. What is the difference between the 2 courses? Is the same material presented in the 2 day as the 5 day program?

    • admin says:

      Hello Hal – the five-day is more detailed than the two-day class and we give time for the students to do “teach-backs” to practice their teaching skills. Unfortunately the five-day classes are filled to capacity and many of the two-day classes are nearly filled, so if you’re interested, be sure to register today!

  38. Allen says:

    We took the class and it was very helpful and we will be ready for your next class in Hawaii

    • admin says:

      Hello Allen – Mahalo for a great class as well. You guys were great and thanks for the kind comments! See you again next year!

  39. albert davis says:

    where are these classes being held?

  40. Charlie says:

    We are registered for the December training in Portland, Oregon. Do you have an outline or curriculum for this course?

  41. tony says:

    Im in medford oregon do you have any classes there

    • admin says:

      Hello Tony –

      All class locations are on our website (
      We are conducting classes in Portland and throughout California.
      Thanks for your interest!

  42. Ricardo Garcia says:

    Will you be conducting classes in North Dakota?

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately we will not be in North Dakota. Please check our schedule for other classes close by.

  43. Craig Freeman says:

    I’m very interested in this class! Please consider me.

  44. Gordon Mohammed says:

    looking to attend the two day instructor course in Newark new jersey i missed the five day course on march 9-10

  45. E.J. Penewell says:

    How do I sign-up?


  46. Donna Fink says:

    Is there any chance you will be visiting the east coast again (I’m particularly interested in PA) within the next 12 months? My travel budget is limited.

    • admin says:

      Hello Donna –
      We expect to have our 2015 schedule out early summer and yes we will have multiple classes on the east coast.
      We’ll keep you on the mailing list and notify you as soon as we put out the schedule.
      Thanks for your interest!

  47. Gordon Mohammed says:

    Good morning are they still openings for the Hazmat class

  48. HAYDN B. FLEMING says:


  49. Cecilia Rodgers says:

    Will you add me to your mailing list? Thank you!

  50. Robert Nitko says:

    Please add me to your mailing list for the 2015/2016 schedule.
    Thank You

  51. Grace Cat says:


    I would like to register for the free 2-day hazmat training in Long Beach, CA on March 23-24. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do to complete the registration.

    Thank you very much,

    Grace Cat

    • admin says:

      Hello Grace – don’t know if you were able to get in the class in Long Beach (we were booked to capacity pretty quickly).
      We’ll be happy to keep you on our mailing list for upcoming summer schedule.
      Thank you!

  52. Claudette Altamirano says:

    Just saw your notice in the BAESG newsletter. Will there be anymore classes in the San Francisco Bay Area? Sorry I just missed the March ones. Please let me know I would be very interested.


    • admin says:

      Hello Claudette – we just completed our HAZMAT classes until late summer. Be happy to add you to the mailing list for upcoming summer schedule!

  53. Joseph says:

    Please add me to the mailing list for future classes

  54. Taylor Haas says:


    Do you know if more dates of training will be provided in 2015 and what are the locations?

    • admin says:

      Hello Taylor Hass – Our new schedule will come out this summer (2015) with classes starting in August.
      They will be posted on the website and I’ll be happy to keep you informed when our new dates are released.
      Thanks for your interest!

  55. Ismael Perez says:

    Please add me to the mailing list. Thank you very much in advance.

  56. Dan Beigel says:

    Please add me to your mailing list and let me know what classes are still available for 2015.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dan – we have new classes starting in August this year. Our new schedule will be released in June or July but I will keep you on our mailing list! Thanks for your interest!

  57. Talor Halevi says:

    any classes in Denver CO?


    • admin says:

      Hello Talor – yes we will be visiting Denver this fall. We’ll keep you on our mailing list and let you know when the new schedule comes out. See you in Denver and stay safe!

  58. Bill Cumings says:

    Can you please email me the upcoming dates for the training?

    • admin says:

      Hello Bill – you are on the list! We’ll be in touch this summer when the new schedule comes out.

  59. Teri Rivard says:

    Will you have any more classes in 2015? Preferably in the near future?

    • admin says:

      Yes! We have our 2015 Summer / Fall schedule coming out in a few months. I will keep you on our mail lsit and send you dats and locations when the schedule is released. Thanks for your interest!

  60. Charles wright says:

    I would like to take this class please let me know when the next begains

  61. Tom Kelly says:

    Would like to sign up for the free class

    • admin says:

      Hello Tom, classes are complete until our summer schedule comes out. We’ll keep you on the mailing list and let you know as soon as we have it!
      Thanks for your interest and stay safe!

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