Best Practices in Teaching Technical Subjects: One-day Duration

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Best Practices in Teaching Technical Subjects: One-day Duration

In a recent survey of those who provide technical training, we found that the #1 problem was “how to make the training interesting”. In fact, four of the top five issues for trainers involved not technical issues, but how to be a better, more polished speaker (and without getting so nervous).

Well this one-day class was developed for you! Whether a new trainer or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find this class helpful. We share cutting edge ideas that will help you to easily explain difficult concepts and help you get your message across to your audience.

Here’s a sampling of what we’ll cover:

  • Using stories and current events to bring your training objective to life
  • Understanding the professional personalities in the room and how to capitalize on each
  • The concept of “Feel, Felt, Found” and how it can change attitudes
  • How to handle the “disruptive”, “know it all” or otherwise difficult student
  • The "Think, Pair, Share" method to drive home critical learning concepts
  • How to have fun (you and the audience) when training those difficult subjects
  • Using pre-tests, post-tests, real time polling and other digital tools to improve your message

So, if you want to be more comfortable as a trainer, really reach your audience and change their behaviors, this class is for you!

Remember, we are only conducting 14 of these classes during our 2016-17 schedule so don’t hesitate – Enroll today!