OSHA Consultation & Training For Your Company

Worried About an OSHA Visit?

Not Sure What the Law Requires?

Workers Comp Costs Out of Control?

In a typical year the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues over 40,000 citations resulting in over $40 million in fines. Are you compliant? How would your company fare if OSHA visited you today?

In today’s challenging economic environment not only can you not afford OSHA fines and litigation, but you’re searching for any competitive edge that might increase employee productivity and profits.

Can a Proactive Safety Program Actually Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity and Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?

You Bet it Can! Liberty Mutual Insurance Company found that for every dollar spent on safety, organizations typically receive a $3 – $4 return on investment. In one case study, ServiceMaster was able to save $2.4 Million per year by implementing a proactive safety program and reducing its injury rate.

The Sustainable Workplace Alliance has developed and refined a system to help your organization achieve similar results. From basic safety training services to our comprehensive SafetyROI™ Program, we’re certain to have the answer to your compliance needs.

To see if we can help your organization become OSHA compliant and reduce its injury rate while increasing productivity and profitability simply complete the quick needs assessment below. When we receive your results, one of our compliance consultants will contact you to setup a complimentary 30 minute “OSHA Compliance Assessment”.

After completing this assessment by phone we’ll forward to you a detailed Compliance Roadmap for OSHA compliance and cost reduction in your organization.

We understand that OSHA compliance can be tricky, confusing and even scary so Included in our Compliance Roadmap will be a schedule of services we can provide to Fast Track your efforts.

P.S. Remember that by completing the Needs Assessment you’ll qualify for a free 30 minute phone consultation,
so let’s get started now.

OSHA Compliance Needs Analysis

(This survey will take less than 5 minutes)

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